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  • Zeilen met de Wadzeilers op een tradioneel zeilschipAlways wanted to sail with a traditional sailing ship?
  • Always wanted to enjoy sailing on the Wadden Sea?
  • Always wanted to see the Frisian Islands from a sailing ship?
  • Always wanted to know more about the sailing itself?
  • Always wanted to be behind the helm of a sailing ship?

Then you are at the right address!

We, the Wadzeilers organise each year four sailing trips on the Wadden Sea, a world heritage.

The first one is the one in the Spring during Easter. This trip is followed by the tour “Chefs at Sea” around Ascension Day. On this trip we are cooking (even) more culinary then on the other ones.

At the end of Summer / early Autumn there is a tour for a whole week and we end with the Brandarisrace, a sailing competition to Terschelling during a weekend half Oktober.

In each trip we visit some islands; which one depends on the wind. Our tours include meals, coffee, tea, fuel and harbor fees. You only have to pay for extra drinks such as beer, wine, soft drinks and the famous Frisian Beerenburg. Almost everyone on board speaks English and German.

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